Sales Manager - Insurance

Job description


Our client is seeking a Sales Manager to achieve sales targets set by the Vice President Sales, Products and Branding.

Key Responsibilities

Sales goals and objectives: 

  • Develop and implement a sales plan and sales strategies for specific assigned markets that ensure attainment of the company’s sales targets
  • Facilitate the achievement of sales targets as well as the department’s financial objectives by forecasting requirements, assisting with the preparation of the annual budget, scheduling expenditure, analyzing variances and initiating timely corrective action
  • Analyze customer and competitor trends and other marketing data 
  • Develop and implement appropriate strategies aimed at leveraging opportunities or mitigating risks as identified from analysis of marketing data 
  • Assist as required with market research and analysis to guide the identification of new markets, the development of new products, improve the market positioning of existing products and, increase the effectiveness of the sales team 
  • Assist in the development of marketing and advertising campaigns as required in collaboration with the marketing function of the company
  • Conduct an evaluation/debrief of each sales campaign to determine new sales/ product opportunities and what can be improved

Client Relationship Management:

  • Develop in-depth understanding of credit union/ cooperative’s business direction, challenges and opportunities, designing solutions that contribute to the credit union/ cooperative’s success
  • Maintain contact with all clients in the market areas to ensure high levels of client satisfaction, and, be proactive in understanding the trends and issues likely to impact the market
  • Support the company’s marketing function to ensure appropriate representation at events hosted by or linked to the Credit Union community

Management Reporting/Control:

  • Assist the Vice President Sales, Product & Branding and the Finance Department as required, to develop the annual sales budget for the sales function
  • Control selling and marketing expenses to meet budgetary guidelines
  • Report to the Vice President Sales, Product & Branding on new projects, progress towards goal achievement , sales forecasts, sales revenue, competitors, market trends and any other business related requests

Principal Representative: 

  • Primary contact with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority – St Lucia and other regulatory authority which governs the laws under which the company operate (“the Regulators”) for matter relating to the company’s insurance license, as well as, compliance with the Insurance Act and other applicable legislation
  • Ensure that correspondence received from the regulators are promptly referred to the relevant executive for action by copy to the managing director and CEO, following up to ensure appropriate and timely action is taken
  • Ensure that the company and every person authorized to provide services on the company’s behalf complies with the insurance and all applicable legislation
  • In conjunction with the executive responsible for risk and compliance ensure that the company’s business system, practices and management of the daily operations of the company are carried out in accordance with the applicable legislations, making recommendation as necessary, to ensure all regulatory and other legal requirements are monitored and met on a continuous basis
  • In conjunction with the executive with responsibility for finance, ensure that all required regulatory reports are completed and filed with the appropriate fee paid to all regulatory and government bodies in a timely manner


Minimum Qualifications & Experience 

  • Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration or relevant discipline
  • Demonstrated record of achievement in a sales position
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a Senior Leadership role in the Insurance Industry
  • 3 -5 years’ experience in Sales Management
  • Acquired LOMA/ ACS/ ALHC certification
  • Acquired Industry and or Sales Training
  • Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics
  • Great planning and execution skills
  • Very good knowledge and use of MS Office Excel and Powerpoint
  • Proficiency in reviewing policy contracts terms and conditions in application to Claims adjudication
  • Above-average knowledge of the credit union movement and its dynamics
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent business development skills
  • Effective listening skills
  • Planning and execution skills
  • Excellent analytical and reporting skills
  • Effective decision making skills
  • Proven supervisory and people leadership skills
  • Strong negotiation and conflict-resolution skills
  • Excellent oral presentation skills
  • Ability to prioritize effectively
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change