Bar Supervisor

Job description


Our client, is seeking a Bar Supervisor to provide strong support to the Bar Manager, to delegate duties and supervision of staff resources. They are there to ensure the completion of duties and activities required to provide excellent customer service.  


Description of Responsibilities 

Human Resource Management

  • Acts on the delegated duties and activities as requested by the Bar Manager and Assistant Bar Manager
  • Monitor Bar Service in order to maintain a consistently high standard
    • Support staff in service to members
    • Ensure staff activities and duties are scheduled to the benefit of good customer serve
  • Oversee and monitor interaction between staff and customer
    • Solicit feedback from members on the service and what can be done to improve
    • Deal immediately with issues in order to diffuse possible volatile situations
  • Ensure staff understand the requirements of their roles and the expectations of the club
    • Ensure staff follow the rules of the club
    • Ensure staff are properly dressed for the occasion
    • Recommend areas in which staff may need additional training and communicate this to the Bar Manager
    • Provide input into the quarterly reviews on staff and provide timely feedback whenever required
  • Walk the floor briefly speaking with guests to make sure that their needs are being met in a timely and quality manner.
  • Ensuring the bar maintains the designated opening hours

Physical Area Management 

  • Apply and maintain good hygiene standards in the bar in keeping with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and OSHA
    • Make certain that tables are cleared quickly of empties
    • Make certain that the bar is kept clean, napkins are available at the bar etc
    • The bar area and appliances etc. are sanitized as required
  • Ensure all opening and closing physical are management procedures are carried out


Inventory Management 

  • Assist in ensuring stock is balanced on a daily basis 
  • Must ensure the service area is adequately stocked for the level of anticipated sales during any given day event
  • Ensure inventory checks are carried out when required or scheduled
  • Ensure sales are properly recorded/ registered
  • Ensure consistency and quality in mixed drinks
  • Ensure all opening and closing inventory management procedures are carried out

Financial Management

  • Ensure that cash and other accounts are balanced on a daily basis
  • Ensure that cash handling procedures are followed by bar staff
  • Ensure all opening and closing financial management procedures are carried out

Work Hours

8 hour shifts over 5 days, Monday to Sunday.


Minimum Qualifications & Experience

  • 2-3 years' experience in similar position
  • Excellent Communications skills 
  • Ability to supervise and motivate staff in team
  • Must be tactful,diplomatic and calm in dealing with irritable customers
  • must be flexible,decisive and quick thinking
  • Must set a good example with regard to attendance, attitude, hygiene and punctuality