Administrative Manager

Job description


The Administrative Manager & Executive Assistant is a critical member of the team and will fulfill a dual role of supervising daily support operations of the company (to both the Strategy and Business Development and the Operations and Customer Service functions) as well as serving as the Group Manager-Strategy and Business Development’s Executive Assistant.

Key Responsibilities


  • Serve as the key point of contact and effectively manage the various office service providers
  • Assiduously ensure (either directly or through a 3rd party vendor), the seamless procurement (sourcing, price negotiation, quality assurance, purchasing and delivery), repair and operation of all office equipment and systems including copiers and printers, filing systems, office furniture (both functional and aesthetic), presentation equipment and the ICT infrastructure (computers, projectors, servers, email systems, security cameras and systems, access controls, communication networks, etc.)
  • Continuously monitor and maintain the inventory of necessary office supplies (especially stationery), order supplies as needed to keep basic supplies stocked, and fulfil special requests from staff, while ensuring that costs are appropriately managed
  • Coordinate various office meetings and record, transcribe, and distribute notes/minutes of meetings as required
  • When required, perform duties including answering the phone, taking messages, responding to general queries and emails, printing and scanning of documents, receiving, sorting, distributing and sending of physical mail, document management, receiving and interacting with guests, and maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of the reception area
  • Design, continuously improve and enforce the company’s document management systems and procedures (retention, protection, retrieval, transfer and disposal) and ensure that all company documents (e.g. correspondence, letters, bank statements, invoices, receipts, proposals,
    NDA’s, Human Resource contracts, partnership contracts, client contracts, etc.) are stored in an efficient and easily accessible manner
  • Implement and manage office technology systems and procedures and ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within the company to facilitate other business operations


  • Using historical trends (actuals) and forward strategy predictions, generate a rolling 12-24 month budget for the business, and update this forecast on a monthly basis, both in the accounting software as well as with MS Excel
  • Based the above 12-24 month rolling budget forecast, perform an actual (management accounts) vs. forecast reconciliation and present the results of this reconciliation, along with the relevant analysis and insightful commentary to the GM, on a monthly basis
  • Closely manage the company’s Accounts Payable (AP) account (through the accounting software)
  • Effectively own the relationship between the company and the company’s accountant and act as the person of single point accountability for the management of this relationship and the external resource
  • Oversee the management of the company’s Petty Cash account
  • Closely manage and effect the relevant reimbursements to ECS Limited for use of its corporate credit card on a monthly basis
  • Ensure the payment of all approved miscellaneous invoices and reimbursements
  • Accurately oversee the generation and approval of payroll for staff and ensure the timely transfer of salaries, as directed by the GM, to the relevant staff accounts, on a monthly basis
  • Oversee and effectively manage the company’s insurance plans relative to its physical and non-physical assets
  • In collaboration with the company’s accountant, effectively manage the process of annual Company Tax submission and reporting and any other federal or statutory taxation requirements

Human Resource

  • Enthusiastically take primary and complete responsibility for the management of the Human Resource portfolio/function at the company
  • With input from the GM’s vision for the strategic plan for the company, own the company’s human capital plan (actual and forecast)
  • Continuously and accurately maintain an organisational chart for the company with lines of reporting and definitions and boundaries for roles and responsibilities
  • Responsible for attracting and retaining top talent
  • Using best practices, create an Employee Handbook with the company’s policies, procedures and associated documents and forms and publish to the staff, and update when needed
  • Professionally manage and coordinate the entire recruitment process for new positions 
  • Professionally manage and coordinate the entire on-boarding process for newly hired staff
  • Closely manage the remuneration, promotion and disciplinary process for the company
  • Curate both the Health Plan and Pension Plan (and future plans) for the company
  • Manage, circulate and update the staff holiday schedule and absence record keeping
  • Aggressively administer and manage the performance management framework throughout the company
  • Maintain full responsibility for the Activity Planning Tool and ensure that it is properly populated at origin, constantly refreshed through interaction and
    feedback from the various teams and used as an instrumental tool to drive productive conversations in the weekly management meetings
  • Liaise with the various managers and individual contributors to certify that the necessary goal setting and performance management conversations and appraisals are occurring on at least the mandated frequency and that the PC and PDP tools are being used properly and updated and submitted by the relevant deadlines
  • Manage the Human Resources of the Administrative Team including manpower planning, recruitment, job spec’ing, interviewing, selection, negotiation, contract creation, on-boarding, training, goal setting, performance reviews and overall performance management

Marketing and Business 

  • Actively contribute and provide vital input into the development of the BU annual strategic and business development plan, both from a budgeting as well as a human capital allocation viewpoint
  • Perform various analyses to identify areas of action for value optimization and prepare and present the relevant performance management reports and suggestions to the BU Leader
  • Build a strong awareness of the companies EFT ecosystem, including all hardware and software systems, equipment and networks (mobile payment acceptance, top-up channels, card issuing and acquiring services, merchant settlements, merchant support, customer service operations, system configuration and testing, risk/fraud control and reporting systems, and services to support regulatory compliance and reporting)
  • Develop an appreciation of the various financial transaction settlement and integration frameworks (on-us and off-us)
  • Coordinate meetings and conference calls as needed for the business, including the organisation of meeting logistics, the development of the appropriate agendas, the preparation and dissemination of meeting materials, the provision of catering, etc
  • Lead the planning and coordination for business events
  • Manage the safe and efficient movement of any company assets (import/export/local movement)
  • Arrange for and supervise building maintenance and when needed, manage the construction, repair and/or outfitting of any office space
  • Safely compile and store the company governance documents
  • Assist the Company Secretary in any matters relating to company governance and/or the use of company documents for required matters

Executive Assistant 

  • As a brand ambassador, reflect the values of the company and the Group at all times
  • When required act as the point of contact between the GM and internal or external colleagues
  • Prepare internal and external corporate documents for team members and industry partners
  • Proactively manage the GM’s calendar with attention to accuracy, detail and allocation of time to promote productivity and recognize the need to reprioritize as appropriate: scheduling of appointments and meetings, the coordinating of logistics for speaking or relationship building engagements and commitments and the handling of special event invitations on behalf of the GM
  • Track GM’s expenses and prepare expense reports for reimbursement and billing
  • Manage and arrange travel for GM, both domestic and international, including itinerary planning, accommodation and transportation reservation and event registration
  • Receive and triage incoming communications memos, submissions and reports to appropriate staff and facilitate response or action to be carried through by GM as needed
  • Uphold a strict level of confidentiality

Job Benefits

  • Base Salary  15K-18K
  • Travel Allowance
  • Group Medical Insurance


Minimum Qualifications & Experience 

  • An undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Languages, Political Science or a related field
  • An MBA in Marketing or Entrepreneurship would be an asset 
  •  A minimum of eight (8) years of strong administrative leadership experience in an office setting with a demonstrated record of success 
  •  A minimum of four (4) years successfully working in high-performance teams within a robust performance management framework
  • A  vehicle in good working condition  
  • The ability to travel for work as required
  • Prior experience with an international start-up business environment would be preferred
  • Knowledge and/or experience with HR systems, procedures, processes and tools as well as budget planning would be an asset
  • Familiarity with financial and facilities management principles
  • Highly capable in performing rigorous data analysis (within large data sets) and translating and communicating the results (trends, anomalies, core drivers) to the key decision makers in a highly effective manner
  • Experience and intimate knowledge of the mobile payment/mobile banking /digital cash/card, ATM and Point-of-Sale service/transaction settlement space would be an asset
  • Ability to communicate with service providers to resolve issues and find satisfactory solutions and to present findings and articulate options and recommendations to management and to clients when required
  • Seamless and highly effective multi-tasking is an absolute must
  • Proven critical, problem solving and analytical skills and strong experience in presenting findings and articulating options and recommendations
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written and able to communicate extensively and effectively through a variety of channels, including email and the Internet, and present information and respond to questions from internal and external stakeholders and the community
  • Proven ability to work within cross-functional teams and positively influence outcomes
  • A highly motivated, self-confident and consummate professional who consistently exhibits good judgement and executes flawlessly and without fail